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IMPORTANT: All requests must be thought out and completed in advance to project’s start. Project completion times may vary depending on the quantity and details of the requested items, other departmental duties, additional professional design/printing/ordering schedules. Please contact [email protected] to determine final due date in order to ensure a quality product and sufficient time for proofing and approvals. All text should be proof read for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation before being submitted.
As the Marketing Department is charged with maintaining Guest Services, Inc. brand and design integrity for the unit, we are responsible for creating the materials that all departments use for public events and external marketing. As such, we reserve final approval on the design of materials created in support of brand standards.


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TEXT: All text should be grammatically and stylistically correct before passing any copy to our team. Please submit in Microsoft Word, .TXT files or through an Outlook email body.

PHOTOS/GRAPHICS: All artwork should be high-resolution TIF or JPG files (300 dots per inch or dpi for all print jobs). PDF files for line drawings are also accepted, but not for photos/images. Our team will not accept web images for high-resolution print work.

NOTE: If you require that existing elements be used for your project (i.e., logos, photos, images, etc.), note that under JOB DESCRIPTION.


Please write a brief description of what you are looking for and how you would like to see the final product to look including initial design/layout idea, dates, events, text, content, theme, color scheme, expectations, target audience. The marketing team will provide a low-resolution proof of any and all work prior to final printing/production. If there are further questions or next steps, we will reach out to you.

Maximum file size: 20.97MB

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